Dyreko's Innovation

Elastic webbing products with the latest material development

Illuminate your lifestyle with our 

reflective material innovation

There have been many breakthroughs in textile innovation in recent years. The first textile innovation Dyreko brings you is the reflective raw material - Revved.

Compared to the existing market, Revved is a thinner reflective thread that allows interlacing with various types of weaving threads, including recycled threads in different colours. 

Revved obtained the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate (Product Class 1 — Strictest requirement), ensuring the materials meet health and safety standards.

Style meets safety

This innovation seamlessly blends style and safety, offering a fashionable and versatile upgrade for elastic webbing product design. The reflective material ensures multi-angle visibility, catching drivers' and people's attention when walking, jogging, or cycling at night. Not to mention, It definitely also helps you for a stylish night out.

We are planning to develop a series of products using Revved and elastic webbings, such as shoelaces, wristbands, belts, jacket straps, watch straps, and phone lanyards.

Dyreko Reflective material explanation

Putting material innovation into shoelace design

To showcase the effect of this latest reflective material innovation, we picked shoelaces as the first product development of Dyreko.

For most reflective laces in the market (eg. 3M reflective shoelace/ shoelace on Yeezy shoes), the reflective threads are separated from the polyester threads and create a boxed pattern, which is not entirely reflective! The boxed pattern usually does not match the shoe style, and users may be required to sacrifice style for nighttime safety.

Evenly distributed for the reflective properties throughout the shoelace 

The Revved shoelace from person B presents the most reflection from person A's eye when the shadow of person A reaches person B's shoe/lace. Apart from the advantages of the existing 3M reflective shoelaces, which create different reflective effects from different angles, the uniform reflectivity of the Revved shoelace offers a larger reflective surface for visibility and better integration with the overall shoe design.

Dyreko Shoelace (without reflection)

Revved shoelace with recycled polyester

(angle without reflection)

Dyreko shoelace on shoe (without reflection)
Dyreko shoelace (with reflection)

Revved shoelace with recycled polyester

(angle with reflection)

Dyreko shoelace on shoe (with reflection)

"Revved shoelace provides safety without compromising aesthetics. Imagine a shoelace that appears almost normal in daylight but lights up brightly at night!"