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40 Years of Expertise, Endless Possibilities with Elastic Webbings

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A legacy of expertise and innovation

Over the past 40 years, we have specialised in manufacturing premium, high-quality elastic webbing for ethical hiking and winter sports fashion brands worldwide.

Every webbing is made with:

Elastic webbing - a turning point for innovation in the garment industry

The Industrial Revolution is one of the crucial milestones in history for innovation; elastic webbing was developed and first manufactured in the UK in the early 19th century. 

Today, elastic webbing usage has kept evolving and plays a vital role in a wide variety of applications, particularly in outdoor apparel.

Industrial Revolution Machine
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Dyreko - Expanding horizons from production to public

We aspire to expand the business from semi-production to final goods sales and bring our innovation with sustainability directly to the public. Therefore, a new company, Dyreko Limited, was established in October 2021 in Manchester, UK, the centre of the Industrial Revolution.

Sustainable Innovation:

Empowering Creatives:

"By leveraging our history and expertise, elastic webbing becomes more than just a semi-product; it becomes a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and accessibility for all"